Two17 Marketing is a fine assortment of marketing strategists, planners, graphic designers, digital enthusiasts and all around awesome brand gurus.

Keith Privette

CEO & Chief Creative Officer

Chief Technology Officer

I specialize in branding, marketing operations and creative design. My joy is uncovering the missing ingredient needed to make a brand more desirable to consumers but consider myself more of a trendspotter and find success in implementing them for clients.

I work to expand our clients marketing reach through the use of technology. Using an active and practical approach to help direct all people internally and externally to meet mutually beneficial strategic marketing & sales goals. I continually improve the technical integrations, platforms and services for Two17 Marketing.


Director of Marketing

I believe that art is a lifelong practice, where an individual's style is not created in one day, but constantly developing and changing over a lifetime. This belief speaks to all aspects of Marketing which are constantly changing, evolving and growing. It’s my personal mission to stay ahead of the curve; trend spotting, innovating and always pushing creative boundaries.


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