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Positive Things Can Come from a Negative Review

No one likes receiving a negative online review - literally, no one. But, just because your least favorite type of online feedback comes in doesn’t mean you can’t find a silver lining. As a matter of fact, we believe there are a few good things that can result from a negative review.

  1. You gain a future customer. A negative review being read by a potential customer doesn’t automatically mean they will choose not to do business with you. Chances are if they are taking the time to read your online reviews they are being thorough in their pre-purchase research and certainly will look to see how you responded. This is your opportunity to demonstrate good customer service and transparency -- hopefully converting them into a customer. Express your genuine desire to see every customer have a 5 star experience and ask what you could do to make things right. Consumers know there are two sides to every story and they certainly understand no business is perfect, but it's how to respond to being placed in an unfavorable light that will speak volumes.

  2. You learn something. It isn’t unheard of that a customer complaint being escalated to a higher level via an online review can bring some things about your business to your attention. There may be a flaw in your process or system - or maybe there is a breakdown in communications or training internally. Whatever it might be, be grateful that now you know about it and can fix it.

  3. You get motivated. Nothing quite spurs us into action like our reputation being called into question. Right? Let a negative review (that may very well be accurate) serve as a motivator to improve. Nothing is ever perfect, but contentment can be a dangerous trap in business. Let this person’s negative words drive you to positive action.

To be clear, we want only the best feedback for our clients when it comes to their online reputation. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t try to prepare you for how to best handle negative online feedback. Remember, positive things can come from a negative review, if you approach it right… and we’re always here to help you if you need it.


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