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KICK_$$ TEAM, Two17 Marketing
Christie Fleck Privette, Two17 Marketing

Christie​ Fleck


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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Marketing Unicorn

Lady Hippie Boss

Amanda McCrowell, Two17 Marketing


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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Brand Building Wizard
Beach Loving Super Momma

Heather Swann, Two17 Marketing



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Charlottesville, Virginia

Project Extraordinaire

Mountain Top Dog Rescuer

A.J. Hartless, Two17 Marketing


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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Marketing Marvel

Rad Dad Family Man

Jordan Caples - Two17 Marketing Headshot Original



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Richmond, Virginia

Energetic Growth Genius

Southern. Sociable. Swiftie.

Cait Finn, Two17 Marketing


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Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Creative Brand Strategist

Wild Wise Woman

Kaitlin Olah Head Shot.jpg

Kaitlin Olah

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Creative Design Darling

Michigan Fan (we love her anyways)

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Bali + Costa Rica

Digital + Data Nomad

Island Style Charmer

Keith Privette Two17 Marketing



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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Technology Acronym AF

Beastie Boys Karaoke Winner


We know you feel pressure to deliver results in today’s oversaturated marketing space. Who doesn’t? We build brands, businesses, and bottom lines through extensive research, planning, design, and analysis with one goal in mind: make our clients insanely happy.


At Two17, a boutique marketing agency located by the bay in sunny Virginia Beach, Virginia, we drill down to the essence of your brand’s purpose and help you create deeper connections and memorable experiences- beyond just products, features, and results. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just getting started or an established corporation looking to grow and evolve your business to better compete in the landscape around you, meet Two17 Marketing. 


We have the team and the tools to complete extensive background research, lay out a successful, customized game plan utilizing creative design, implement and analyze your personalized marketing strategy, and lastly, celebrate a continued partnership with you and your team. 

Our team is comprised of kick-ass writers, designers, search experts, editors, content specialists, and a lot of other marketing geeks that have worked together for a long time and developed a bulletproof strategy to help you crush your marketing goals. We feed off the energy and creativity of our clients and each other to ensure you get everything you asked for - and more are laid back, life-loving beach people who strive to provide you with a blend of marketing and compassion that simply works and works simply.


We’re not just marketers - we’re brand pioneers and growth experts - and we’re here to help.

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