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Creating the Perfect Social Post

What makes for good social post, anyway? To answer this you first need to understand why people follow the business in the first place.

  • Interest in services and promotions: People love sales. Don’t get TOO excited though — over posting this information is also one of the leading reasons people unfollow a business.

  • Updates and information: People are interested in what your business is up to. Have any new products? Moving locations? Getting an office dog? Post it!

  • Communication: Social media is all about connecting. People want to talk to you, and they want to review your products and services. Make sure you’re responding to them so they know you're paying attention... and care!

  • Entertainment: Are you not entertained? People use social media as a break from the routine of their day. Post content that will put a smile on their face or give them something to think about. Hint: it doesn’t always have to be related to your business.

So now that we’ve got a good idea of what people want to see, how do we make the magic happen? When writing social posts, consider using three main guidelines to stay the course and post what people want to see and engage with.


The 3 Golden Rules of Local Social Media Marketing

  • Does it provide value? People engage with content that is relevant to them. Consider whether the post is solving a problem, starting a conversation, or providing education. People love to share information that is new and exciting. In order to provide the best value to your followers and customers, the vast majority (up to 80%) of your content should be useful or engaging information. In fact, posts promoting the business should only account for 10%-20% of the content — this is what we (and pretty much everyone) call the 80/20 rule.

  • Is it emotionally engaging? People love stories, and they share content they connect with. Don’t be afraid to show the more personal side of your business. Who hasn’t teared up during a Coke ad or laughed during an Old Spice commercial? Brands that go the extra mile to create an emotional connection with their customers stick in their memories longer. So, ask yourself, why not post a cat video? Everyone loves a cat video.

  • Is it visually stimulating? 1200 pixels are worth 1000 words. We’re talking high quality photos, videos, and infographics here. Posts that include visuals get way more (almost 650% more) engagement than those without. Keep in mind that not all visuals are created equal. The best ones are the ones that you take yourself, because they’re local, authentic, and relevant. If you don’t have the capacity to take photos, reposting from other websites and profiles is a great way to keep your page relevant — just be sure to get permission / give proper credit. Quality stock photos can also be great resources, but make sure to pay attention to the licensing and copyright details!

Creating content for social media is essential — you need to be present where your customers are, and they’re on social media. While it is free to partake, creating an effective social media strategy and sticking to it takes diligence and determination.


Let Two17 Marketing help you with your social media!


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