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Final Countdown: Transition to GA4 Before UA Permanent Deletion

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On July 1, 2024, Google will permanently shut down Universal Analytics (UA), marking a significant shift for businesses that rely on UA for their data measurement and analysis. In today's digital landscape, where customer journeys span multiple platforms, staying ahead means embracing Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and moving beyond Universal Analytics. This transition is not only recommended but essential for maintaining data access and measurement capabilities.

Understanding the differences between UA and GA4 properties is crucial. UA properties are identified by "UA-" codes, while GA4 is designed to be the primary analytics tool going forward, offering new features and capabilities. Businesses need to export their historical UA data before it's too late, configure their GA4 properties, and adapt to this new event-based model to continue deriving meaningful insights from their data.

GA4 helps businesses understand their online customers better with enhanced data privacy, cross-platform tracking, and advanced analysis features. It complies with GDPR and CCPA, using event-based data tracking to protect user privacy. GA4 tracks user activities across websites and mobile apps, offering a comprehensive view of customer interactions. Its advanced analysis tools and machine learning provide deeper insights into user behavior for smarter business decisions. Additionally, GA4 seamlessly integrates with Google Ads, improving audience targeting and boosting ad campaign effectiveness, leading to higher returns on ad spending.


Two17 Marketing Checklist for transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 - must be down by the deadline of July 1, 2024

Transitioning to Google Analytics 4 involves several key steps to ensure a smooth integration and future-proof your analytics. 

1. Export your Universal Analytics data before the deadline to avoid data loss

2. Configure your GA4 properties, which have been automatically created since March 2023

3. Migrate your Google Ads links and create new conversions based on GA4 events, as some UA features have already been deprecated and won't be available moving forward

Act now to keep your reporting and tracking intact. Don’t miss out on essential data—make the move to GA4. 

Two17 is here to help you navigate this transition seamlessly. Let us assist you in exporting your UA data, setting up GA4, and incorporating new GA4 tactics to ensure your business remains in the high-stake analytics game.

Two17 Marketing Call to Action for Assistance with saving Universal Analytics data


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