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5 Quick & Easy Phone Photography Tips

While there is absolutely a time and place for professional photography, most businesses (large and small!) often find themselves in need of photos… and fast! The cameras on our phones these days are pretty impressive and should be taken advantage of when it comes to curating images you may need.

Here are a few photography tips you and your team members can use to create nice, social media-ready images for your marketing purposes. Of course, there are even more tips and tricks you can follow, but we think these are simple and easy to remember.

1. Remove distractions & things that are out of place: For example, make sure your coffee mug or water bottle isn’t in the shot and your bag or other belongings are out of sight. If it's not a permanent fixture in the room it should not be seen.

2. Avoid zooming in: This reduces the quality of the image and it's better to move closer to things you want an up close shot of or allow a professional to edit your image.

3. Enable portrait mode when you can: This is a good option to utilize when the focus is on one room or object in particular, leaving the background blurry and recreating what feels like a 'professional' camera setting.

4. Lighting: Test, test, test the lighting (ideally natural over your flash or other lamps / ceiling lights) so you can reduce shadows. NOTE: Once your camera is open on your phone, tap the darkest area of your screen for your phone to automatically adjust its settings to help with that area.

5. Lower your camera: Shoot every room from waist height. It keeps the focal point of any room more squared off.

BONUS TIP: The more, the merrier: Take landscape and portrait shots and move around to get photos from all different angles. It doesn't take much longer and gives the team more options to work with.

If all else fails, call your favorite team member at Two17 for professional and affordable photography or video!


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